Monday, 18 January 2010

Summer Projects

We've been busy this Summer. Here's a picture of Eunice Aitken, Lauren McCorkindale, Carole Japp and Hazel Aitken making things in my Mum Eunice's living room. I'm Janice Aitken and these are some of my friends and family.

Carole has been making some lovely card designs and small prints. You can see more of her work at She's also working on a range of ice lolly brooches.

I've been working on some cards and prints based on drawings of Scottish wildlife like bumble bees, butterflies and birds.

Mum's been crocheting sheep and making costumes for Laura Whyte who is making a stop frame animation called 'Nursery Crimes' (see ) The film will be premiered at Duncan of Jordanstone during the Masters Show soon. She's been doing loads of crocheting and knitting of things to sell at craft fairs too.

 Hazel and I are also working on a range of patchwork and applique bags. Lauren's making lovely colourful jewellery. Pictures to follow.

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